Scorpios dating each other

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Compatibility of Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman With most of the characteristics in common, there are bountiful of opportunities present for conflicts, joy and love.

As true feelings are revealed, they build a fortress of trust around them by handling each other with care.

Their intimate encounters are an "event," that melds them body and soul.

Ganesha advises against succumbing to this bug about starting earning.

Each often comes to love with well-developed defensive strategies.

Scorpio is understanding, but can grow weary of too much emotional hand-wringing.Right away, they'll sense the depth and mystery of the other.If there's an attraction, it'll set off an irresistible pull -- these two might fall in love at first sight! If one or both are coming off romantic disappointment, or experiencing crisis, the open wounds make for a rocky start.Cancer could easily take the Scorpion's occasional cutting remarks to heart, and retreat within the shell.They'll have to learn that some things will remain a mystery between them, owing to their complex natures.

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