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) and immediately came up with 30 promising candidates.

Smart, charming, literate and loquacious, these potential matches pushed my bluestocking buttons faster than you can say Dewey decimal.

There were other egghead options out there -- Connect Via, Intellectual, and the Ayn Rand dating site The I was tired of skimming profiles -- even profiles of well-read, well-rounded habitués of museums and libraries and bookstores.

What I really needed was to get out and meet some brainy bachelors face to face, to get acquainted with one of those 6-foot-tall reasons why Seattle was the top literary city in the country (not to mention the No. And as luck would have it, University Book Store had just decided to host its first "Read Dating" event, scheduled Feb. A cross between speed dating and the world's smallest book club, Read Dating would pair sets of single men and women for brief interludes of benign book talk.

Undaunted, I surfed over to, an online dating and networking community that requires its members to first pass an intelligence test.I wasn't a bit surprised when I received my Dear Dumb John letter at the end of the sweaty ordeal.Nor was I the only one who felt snubbed by the star-bellied sneetches over at Intelligent Inglewood Golf Club is a rare gem among Pacific Northwest golf clubs.It combines a spectacular setting, illustrious heritage and a championship golf course to create the ultimate golfing experience.

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