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Chow had reportedly asked for a draft for more guidelines on heritage building protection when he was asked about the 218 Macalister Road incident.

Gerakan is concerned that many more heritage buildings would be flattened by developers before the MPPP could come up with stricter guidelines.

Given the importance of the Juburi and Dulaimi tribes to the Iraqi power structure these scenes, too, must have seemed alarming to the ruling family.

Jordanian sources say that Hussein Kamel Hassan, Saddam's son-in law, who defected last week and who was the second most powerful man in Iraq, visited Jordan a month ago and confided to King Hussein that the whole of Iraq had become "unworkable". Few people have a better understanding of this second circle of power in Iraq than a sheikh of the Juburi tribe, Mishan al Juburi, who gave his first-ever interview to the Independent on Sunday in London last week.

In intelligence training centres, Juburis and Dulaimis were, after Tikritis, selected for promotion.

As one of the architects of Iraq's new tribal infrastructure, Mishan al Juburi's star continued to rise.

Oh pointed out that the previous Barisan Nasional Penang government had worked very hard to attain the Unesco’s World Heritage status to protect Penang’s heritage.

“But the current DAP government has just let it rot,” blasted Oh.

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Source: FMT News GEORGE TOWN: Penang Gerakan secretary Oh Tong Keong has alleged that another heritage building in the city is to disappear soon and be replaced with a new posh structure.In May this year, the death under torture of an officer of the Dulaimi tribe, following an assassination attempt, provoked riots and widespread arrests in the mainly Dulaimi city of Ramadi.Earlier, a land dispute at the village of Zawiya near Tikrit, Saddam's heartland, turned into a two-week siege and full- scale shoot-out between emergency forces and former soldiers who were members of the Juburi tribe.The flight of Saddam's daughters and sons-in-law to Jordan was caused by a feud and murder within the first circle of power in Iraq - Saddam's immediate family.But the second circle which surrounds the dictator, a circle formed by the Sunni tribal members who run the elite military and intelligence units, has also undergone a partial process of collapse, becoming, in effect, a second circle of hate.

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