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The gap suffices to provide the space required for folding or egress of cytosolic domains of membrane proteins.To interpret the cryo–EM map on a molecular level, we docked crystal structures and molecular models into the density and applied molecular dynamics flexible fitting (MDFF)The region of the map representing the Nanodisc was expected to consist of a lipid bilayer with an upper and lower membrane leaflet stabilized by two belt–like Apo–A1 Δ1–43 molecules surrounding it.Here, we present a single–particle cryo–electron microscopy structure of the Sec YEG complex in a membrane environment at sub–nanometer resolution, bound to a translating ribosome.Using the Sec YEG complex reconstituted in a so–called Nanodisc, we could trace the nascent polypeptide chain from the peptidyl transferase center into the membrane.The appearance of a clear t RNA density in the P–site confirmed the presence of the nascent Fts Q chain as peptidyl–t RNA.

This gap is in agreement with data obtained from detergent solubilized complexes.

In , Sec Y is composed of two pseudo–symmetric halves comprising the N–terminal TM1–TM5 and C–terminal TM6–TM10.

Sec Y is flanked by the clamp–like protein Sec E, composed of three TM helices and an amphipathic helix, and Sec G consisting of two TM–helices.

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Ultrastrukturnetzwerk, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Ihnestr.

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