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The bottom line is, incoming freshmen hoping to stay tied to their high school mate should keep talking."Continue the friendship part of it," said Gee, who believes that dating other people in college, while scary, strengthened their relationship. I never ever had to feel that I had to follow in his footsteps.It was really good for us to have our own separate lives for a few years." As with any relationship, it wasn't all wine and roses ("we made some mistakes," said Stephanie), but they made sure to talk it out."My mom gave me some really good advice about letting go of the small stuff." These stories of perseverance and success aren't the norm, say experts.The guy feels more superior with a younger girl because it’s as if they are guiding them through life.

” It’s not as if I am saying that MSU resembles a girl’s boarding school and it’s impossible to meet a guy, but as a twenty-two year old junior, I feel as if the chances of meeting someone decent before graduation are slim to none.

Older females continue to struggle to find that potential boyfriend as they age in a university setting.

That “other” campus in Ann Arbor is intertwined with a proper city employing scores of eligible young professional men.

We had our own paths, but they were parallel, and in the end they merged.

"Try to make sure that you fulfill your desires, your goals, what you want to do in life, but remain friends.

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