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On the way back to Belgrade, visit also Zica Monastery - originally dating back to the 13th century and the first seat of the Serbian Archbishopric in the times of St Sava. We're a married couple for life and we love it!Nikoleta is truly an Belgrade born and raised lady. Together with our 3 son, daughter Dora Jana and our dog Frodo we form a happy family!Short brake for lunch is possible on Rudnik mountain which dominates over Sumadija region.Visit to Vracevsnica Monastery from the 15th century. Dinner and accommodation in rural household of traditional Sumadija style.Morning visit to Felix Romuliana/Gamzigrad (UNESCO Heritage, ancient Roman complex of palaces built by Emperor Galerius).

You can enjoy your morning coffee:)Cottage is freshly renovated, designed by us, and located in unique garden where you will always find your privacy and your special place to enjoy your time, surrounded by old trees, and the smell of flowers.In the afternoon, visit Raca monastery (13th century) – one of the best known Serbian medieval monasteries and centers of culture. Here visit ruins and museum of Viminacijum – ancient Roman city, former capital of the province of Moesia Superior.Dinner and overnight in Veliki Gradiste area, at one of the ends of the famous Iron Gates gorge.Drive through magnificent mountain scenery to Ovcar – Kablar gorge.While walking through intact nature, tour Nikolje (St Nicholas) Monastery, one of the most spiritual sites among the “Saint Serbian Athos” on Zapadna Morava River.

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