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The purpose of dating should not be considered merely a pre-marriage ritual designed to prepare one for marriage, but instead (1) to develop wholesome interactions with the opposite sex in contrast to the world's dating games, totally mired in the lures of temptation and emotion described by James -15; (2) to help individuals to see their own strengths and weaknesses, gradually understanding themselves; (3) to develop practice in serving others, and (4) to discover the person one will marry.The more similarities there are in a relationship, the less likelihood that conflicts will emerge.In one book, you only need to get to page four for the first of many uses of the term "motherf—-in". Today's youth are the most marketed-to generation in the history of the world.

Well, I pulled a few novels off the [library's] shelves and what I found disgusted me.According to the media study I mentioned earlier, our kids are consuming 6.5 hours of media every single day. Marketing executives at MTV and other youth oriented media do not brag about how they know what kids want, but about how they have learned to manipulate the teenage mind.And as I've described, the vast majority of it is sexual, violent, uncivil, and often plain stupid. They are selling a "lifestyle" to our children that robs them of their innocence and their best futures, and capitalizes on the natural raging hormones that mark the teen years.Martin Collins, reflecting on the pervasive influence of pornography on the Internet, television, music, and print media, suggests that young people engaging in premarital sex are acting like sheep to the slaughter, totally oblivious to the real facts of life.Dating should be preceded by wholesome group activities; God created us as social beings, placing a longing in each individual for a member of the opposite sex.

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