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In a safe, confidential, environment, you will be interviewed and assessed using state of the art techniques to decipher the presence and extent of sex addiction.Then you will start a disciplined, task oriented weekly therapy to rid yourself of damaging behaviors that are hurting your current relationship and/or keeping you from your goals and dreams.Sexual addiction may manifest with many of the symptoms common to better-understood addictive behaviors such as gambling and drug abuse.The sexual addict’s behavior endangers his or her health and jeopardizes the ability to create and maintain normal social and emotional bonds.But many others will cheat for the very same reason most men do: they just want more or better or different sex.Defining Infidelity What does it mean exactly for your wife or girlfriend to be unfaithful in today’s digital world? That said, after working with hundreds of betrayed spouses and their ultimately remorseful mates, the answer to the question of what defines infidelity remains as clear to me today as it was when Monica Lewinsky first stored away that stained little blue dress.

Just make sure you run the agenda by your spouse first.These centers serve individuals seeking sexual addiction treatment, love addiction treatment, and porn addiction help.Specifically, the Centers for Relationship and Sexual Recovery at The Ranch (CRSR) offer specialized intimacy, sex and relationship addiction treatment for both men and women in gender-specific, gender-separate treatment and living environments.Robert Weiss is the author of three books on sexual addiction and Founding Director of the premiere sex addiction treatment program, The Sexual Recovery Institute.He is Director of Sexual Disorders Services at The Ranch and Promises Treatment Centers.

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