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Now he's in his early 30s, he is only interested in 'scoring' one night stands while his friends are all married with kids.The movie opens with one such scene where his friends tell him to get married as he is too old to screw around.

In an amusing scene, Mandar and Dilip talk about how Kshitij didn't fall for any of the pretty girls he was seeing, but fell in love with a plain girl. Kshitij marries Anju and they eventually have a son.

Once again Mandar is forced to shift residences and finally ends up staying with Dilip.

In 1996, Mandar meets Parul again in order to keep in touch with her and is left heartbroken when he finds her with another guy, Alok.

The year 1989, Mandar along with his cousin Dilip (nicknamed Yusuf) visits his village in Maharashtra where their cousin Kshitij is already waiting for them.

15 year old Kshitij is studying in a military school and is mature beyond his years in his views and aspects about marriage, love and sex.

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