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While there is obviously no substitute for the real thing, this game captures the scenery and park layout masterfully.There are two audiences this game will appeal to -- those who have been to Disneyland before and will be able to relive memories as they walk through the virtually recreated park, and those who have never been but want to experience what it might be like in real life.…the Xbox spotted one reporter’s penis, through his JEANS, and put it up on the big screen for a roomful of journalists and engineers to see!

Instead of a passive ride or movie, the attractions in this game require players to use their entire body to fight pirates, evade fantastical creatures, and save the galaxy from Emperor Zurg.The game also allows two players to explore the park together and encourages teamwork in the themed challenges and competitions.Just like in the real Disneyland park, players can meet up with their favorite Disney characters, all of whom greet players with a smile.Ironically, swearing while using an Xbox will get you banned. v=Bz HCDkn Fb DU The NSA knows what porn you watch, is ready to use it against you. Obligatory: GH5t-CUAAje “when Microsoft’s new Xbox One comes out next month, every unit will be packaged with an improved Kinect, capable of 1080p Skype video and improved 3-D fidelity that, using an IR camera, can even make out your body in the dark. In fact, while I’d intended to post the above tech demo of the improved Kinect from Microsoft Research, I noticed, alongside the intricacies of a hoodie and jeans–and there’s no graceful way to put this–a dong.Note none of these people was actually accused of terrorism. Edgar Hoover, and the surveillance abuses that brough about the Church Commission and drove Hemingway to suicide. The Kinect hardware/software is now so effective at deciphering the bumps and folds of clothing that it can pinpoint a man’s package down to its pant leg, carving out the distinctive folds in our trousers that society, backed by a bit of shadowy denim, has become remarkable at ignoring.

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