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And if you think your yearning for sex is actually a yearning for a new relationship, you’ll be headed for heartache all over. And at the very least, if you decide to go ahead and take the leap, promise yourself you won’t beat yourself up it doesn’t turn out as planned.2.

Do you feel a sense of value in who you are, regardless of what any other man/woman may think?

Or, a one-night stand may never call for round two.

Can you imagine yourself handling such scenarios without plummeting to the badlands of self-deprecation?

The last thing you want out of this ‘time of exploration’ is a painful, possibly lifelong, STD.6. Yes, it’s possible for two people to have two different ideas as to what constitutes sex without strings.

The question of whether sex without strings is “bad” or “good” ultimately comes down to you, the person deciding.They’re a little jaded, whether they like it or not. You have to be good enough to heal the wounds of a divorcée.His parents will be tougher than ever You think his ex had a tough time winning over the parents? You need to seem like a foolproof, 120% guarantee, sure-thing woman.He might not know how to date If he was married for a long time, it’s been a while since he had to court a woman!He may take things very slowly for fear of messing up, or far too rapidly because he’s used to having a close relationship. He knows how to commit The guy clearly doesn’t have a problem with the idea of monogamy since he did at one point agree to be with just one woman for the rest of his life.

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