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Maybe you could give specific examples of something that is typical in China that you think Americans would do differently.

The idea that "the mayor must be the latest to arrive" is interesting.

Americans, particularly professionals, are often very obsessed with time.

With my stereotype of Chinese people, I would imagine that people in China would be very punctual.

But when we chat with each other, many Internet friends started the topic with sex,such as naked, horny. Could you give me some suggestion when I meet these foreigners? Our interactions have been pretty straightforward and sex has never come up. You know, I learn English and our understanding of western culutre come from countries like United Kingdom, U. " By the way ,thank you very much, you make me realize my misunderstanding~~~~ sex? Many countries, particularly in Europe, see Americans as very closed-minded and repressed about sex.I just wanna have friends and I want to know how other people live in the world. Mine is xaad...1 you can add me with the reference to this conversation. This world has to be made better and it will be when the people of the world will interact but sadly they are not interacting with each other. Regards, Saad I wouldn't have written like that if I had been you, such as telling others that " I want to add some foreigners to be my friend." Why? If I understand correctly, lass, you are seeking out people who are native speakers, and you'd like to pick their brains about how to speak English well whilst gathering some information concerning Western values, say, some social codes and collective norms upheld by Westerners. I'm Chinese just like you and my English is naff to boot.Looking forward to talking to you and being friends with you! I'd like to you on Skype in case you don't mind. Because it rules out the possibilities of finding your Chinese fellows here, and worst of all, it partakes of racial overtones. That said, I'd love to be your friend because you are one of my Chinese fellows here.In the United States we have this idea of equality (this is not absolute, but it a general idea).The idea that Americans should do anything special to show deference to the mayor is a little strange for us. We still stand when a judge enters a courtroom or when a bride enters her wedding.

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