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“We thought we had taught her enough to know that this kind of thing was wrong, but you don’t know really what kids say or do when you’re not there.“Your child goes to their friend’s house and you assume they’re going to be looked out for, because this kind of thing would not happen in my home.” But even when you’re under the same roof, Max said you never know what children do when they surf the web.“As soon as (Jenny) goes to bed, I go down through all of her history, her messages and her email.She would not be going on the computer if I didn’t know her password,” Max said.Instead, she was being tricked by an online pedophile into playing a game where she had to perform sexual acts for “points.” And the online stranger was recording it all.After more than an hour, Jenny left the room when her mother called to her to get ready for a birthday party.In her chat with the stranger, Jenny had divulged her name and where she lived.

He said she has less computer time these days and has rediscovered the joys of painting and drawing and playing outside.

Editor’s note: Family members’ real names are being protected for privacy reasons.

Playing on the computer was part of her daily routine.

It’s your job as a parent to know what’s going on with these kids.” Max says you should know your kids’ passwords, put restrictions on the computer and have a cut-off time at night for computer use.

And when they sleep over at someone else’s house, he says talk to those parents about monitoring activity and curfews.

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