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has a Safety Center to “empower users with the information, guidance and tools they need to navigate safely and enjoy the service.” Watch this Safe Smart Social video to learn more.An i OS app that is used if you don’t want anyone to know that you downloaded a privacy app.It claims there is no tracking of the information posted and the user owns all content posted.

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The program will disappear from the recent apps list, too, leaving all tracks covered. An instant message service that also allows photo sharing. Gaggle has seen many incidents via this app with inappropriate photos.

It will also catch a photo of any intruder with your phone’s front-facing camera after three failed password attempts.

An Android and i OS app disguised as a fully functional audio manager.

Those friends only know about somebody’s interest when they reciprocate through the app.

An app used for inviting a group of friends to a particular place or event.

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