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It took me a while to master the art of swiping right and left at record speed and filtering fast through potential matches.

I’m lucky though, because I’m a woman and there are loads of men on Tinder. So here’s a guide to show you 15 categories of people you can find on Tinder, listing the gender they belong to, and whether or not you should go for it; swipe left and avoid them or swipe right at your own risk.

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So make sure to use your better judgement, and take this guide with a grain of salt. The problem is they may not be honest with you from the start and only tell you after you meet up that they offer services for money. Unlike the accidental tourist, this one could be looking for something serious as much as they are looking for anything that comes their way. Most men under this category take photos leaning on a fancy car (to appear suave and rich), or a friend’s massive bike (to appear to be the bad boy, young at heart) and the one that poses with a puppy or a dog that aren’t his (to appear nurturing, trustworthy, and brave), or riding a horse to display power, or kissing a dolphin at some pathetic park, displaying kindness (overlooking the fact that the dolphin is in miserable captivity). Because ultimately you’re dealing with someone who has no confidence, low self esteem, and is a liar…all unattractive traits that take a toll on one’s gait, appearance, and the way they dress. Takes photos with things he doesn’t own believing that it will somehow make him look more attractive. Word of caution, sometimes they project the image of themselves that they want others to think, even though it is far from reality. The result is more often than not, a major disaster. Pretty much normal, posing with photos of their kids and pets amongst other photos. Beware if all photos are of the kid alone…you’re dealing with someone unbalanced in one way or another. If you think Tinder is for making friends, you're an idiot.

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