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Are you tired of fighting the "uphill battle" & seek peace in your life? Depression, anxiety, divorce/relationship issues, trauma, family crisis, & many other issues can slowly chip away at our self-worth, our sense of belonging, our hope.

Do you seek a true, raw connection with yourself & others? I can, however, walk with you & give you the tools to find inner peace & love in the midst of chaos.""Seeking help is a courageous step in many of our lives and I am honored to be given the opportunity to share in the journey of healing with my clients.

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I specialize in working with young women and children.

In my work with adults, I treat depression, anxiety, grief, relationship problems, issues related to child-bearing, and adjustment.

People may seek out counseling due to a wide variety of feelings: fear, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, sadness, confusion, apathy, heartbreak, grief, or any other aspect of the incredibly complex human experience.

I'm honored to help you on your journey towards emotional recovery and growth.

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