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If they just get angry and defensive, that’s cause for concern. If you confront her without evidence she won’t be silly telling the truth , IF,is a guy in her life which she has some certain feelings for him. Everyone trusting in their guts,but if you cannot prove nothing,even if is true,you cannot win in front of her.

The bottom line is that if you approach them from a place of open honesty, you’ll be able to determine a lot based on their reaction. She will keep you in stand-by until she will realize which feelings are more stronger. How they’re sayin: is not what you sayin is what you can prove.

If your gut is telling you there is something to snoop for, then that is all you need to confront your partner.

Stop trying to control the situation and start taking responsibility for what you can control: YOU.I don’t think they are likely to just throw there hands up and say oh you got me.If you have a gut feeling do what you can to gather the info you need to make a decisions you can feel comfortable with to move on.Maybe you feel sick to your stomach every time she goes out and you don’t know where she is.Maybe you’ve even gone as far as following her to work and spying on her. But more importantly, you don’t trust You must be able to trust your partner, and you must be able to trust yourself.

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