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The word "Tea" has a very interesting history behind it.India’s not the best place to be a raging homosexual but it’s certainly not the worst.and can be used when you are happy / sad /depressed / angry / shy / vulgar / teasing / and when there is nothing else to say then use a saala…. There’s a minor problem Arre yaar, “Waanda” ho gaya There’s a big problem Arre yaar, “Zol” ho gaya There’s a huge problem Arre yaar, “Raada” ho gaya You’ll be surprised . Just take him into a secret place Use jara “Khopche” me leke ja What a beautiful lady !! Shana : Literal meaning in marathi means wise.mostly used in sarcastic way. Refers to the shops owned by the road side barbers who just have a rag for the Chaav and is obviously hole-ridden to let the Dhoop come in.Dhid shana : The word dhid means 1 and half times the original one. Chappan Tikkli : Actual meaning 56 spots : this is not used now-a-days. Chinese Gaadi : No this is not a Chinese make of anautomobile, Its the “Tapri” Selling chinese food on the side of the road. The best part is that all these Chinese Gaadis are red in color, with the picture of a dragon or a chinese man and have names like “Red Sun”,”Red Dragon”, “Fong’s”, “Ching” “Sung-Ming”or “Chow” or anything that Sounds even vaguely Chinese.

Bus kya : The meaning of it is that com’on don’t take me for granted. "I delivered stools this morning" can have absurd meaning to it ... "Goo" in english means viscous or something sentimental or coy whereas in all the indian languages it means animal droppings. In Marathi, "Gundu" means "cute" and in Tamil (another indian language) it means "butt". "Hug" in English means "embrace" but in many south asian languages it means "to poop". Sarcasm can change meanings of the words over time... Ass in Hindi (pronunciated as "Aas") means "Hope" 2. When these british officers were welcomed at chinese houses, the house men would order his wife to prepare tea by saying "Cha Tee" in Chinese where Cha actually meant "Tea" and Tee means "to prepare".I was sitting on a hill in Cork, overlooking a cricket field, and was in the company of some Australian hikers. "I said baller--b-o-w-l-e-r--baller." I said: "Right . Aadva Patta comes from Pune, means “Cross batted shot”. But nowadays these refer to any guy who doesn’t bat well. Jyaada “PAKAA” mat be tu All this must be done without anyone’s notice Sab kaam “SUUMDI” me hona chahiye.kya?Mama / Maushi : Mama and Maushi translate to the maternal uncle and aunt.

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