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Algerian authorities will not issue an export permit until they receive from the consular officer the name of the funeral home in the U. The law requires that a police officer be present to witness the sealing of the casket.

Mortuary Service Providers in Algeria DISCLAIMER: The U. Embassy in Algeria assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following mortuary funeral homes providing mortuary services in Algeria.

In February 2014 the Algerian authorities published a decree to provide financial compensation for women victims of sexual violence by armed groups during the 1990s internal conflict.

In June, they introduced draft laws which, if adopted, would make violence by a spouse, and sexual harassment in public spaces criminal offences.

The husband may divorce his wife at will; if he is judged to have abused this privilege, his wife may be awarded damages, and he must provide for his divorced wife and her children if she has no family to go to, unless she had previously divorced or was guilty of immorality.

The wife may request a divorce if any of the following apply: If she obtains the divorce, she must pay reparations not to exceed the value of the dowry, and may not remarry until three menstrual periods have elapsed, or, if pregnant, until her baby's birth.

Embalming A mortuary embalmer may perform embalming.

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Marriage is also forbidden between a couple who have divorced each other for the third time, unless the wife has since been married to someone else.Except in very exceptional circumstances, burial should take place at maximum within 48 hours of death. When the cause of death is not natural, the period may be extended.If necessary for burial arrangements outside of Algeria, a hospital mortuary can keep embalmed remains for several months.A Muslim woman may not marry a non-Muslim man, and a marriage may be annulled on the grounds of the spouse's apostasy.A husband is required to provide for his wife to the best of his abilities, and to treat his wives equally if he marries more than one.

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