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The sides, to the height of fifty or sixty feet, are formed of solid rock, now retreating and now projecting, crowned at the summit with trees.

ethnolc»gg .^"/^ HISTORY TOWN OF RICHMOND, CHESHIRE COUNTY, NEW HAMPSHIRE, From its First Settlement, to 1882, By William B as sett.

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The New Hampshire Grants — The Masonian Line, and the Vermont Controversy — Time of Annual Meeting Changed — Formation of Constitution of New Hamp- shire — Adoption of the Federal Constitution — Petition for Justice of the Peace — Sign-post and Stocks — Petitions for Exemption from Military Duty — Warning Out of Town — Glebe Lands — Bounties on Wild Animals and Birds.has been collected to pay for all the expense incurred.Voted, That Amos Boorn and Jonathan Sweet shall have pay for their guns that was taken from them in the year 1775, and that Boorn and Sweet be allowed one hundred for one in their rates.Now you can master the power of design, no matter how simple or complex!ft: 8» T^ ^53 l O^ b Igrlculturg^ Xliberal Hrfcs M;?

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