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His manner may not be as angry as some, but his policies are as conservative as they come.If anything, his foreign-policy positions would move the party not forward but backward, toward the neocon heyday of the Bush-Cheney White House.In an interview on Arkansas TV, when Cotton was pressed on the issue, he took a page straight from the “welfare queen” chapter of GOP’s makers-versus-takers playbook, noting sorrowfully, “Right now we’ve all been in a situation where we stand in the grocery line” behind a SNAP recipient who “has steak in their basket, and they’re talking on a brand-new i Phone, and they’re going out to a brand-new SUV.” When Cotton’s hosts asked if he was suggesting that a significant chunk of the SNAP recipients in his district were skeezy welfare cheats, the congressman swiftly demurred, saying the problem was obviously worse in other places, “like California.” Cotton’s political promise has folks like Kristol dreaming big for the future.In a recent Fox News appearance, Kristol quipped that Cotton should be the VP nominee in 2016.Better still, his military bona fides give him the kind of street cred that is rare among the political class.Well aware of this, Cotton whips out the military card every chance he gets—regardless of the topic at hand. Let the congressman explain how, in Iraq and Afghanistan, the first line of protection for American encampments was always a physical barrier around the perimeter. Tom Cotton of Arkansas’s Fourth District officially announced his candidacy to unseat Democrat Mark Pryor. Senate—or at least gain ground and jam a thumb in Harry Reid’s eye—Republicans found reason to rejoice this week when Rep.

Danny Chung character on HBO’s Veep, whose endless invocation of his war service is a running gag.

His favorite Republicans in Congress are the most idea-oriented conservatives.” Nor is Cotton an outsider when it comes to financial support.

He is backed by establishment heavy hitters including the Club for Growth (his top contributor), GOP eminence Fred Malek, hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer (who co-hosted a fund-raiser for Cotton in New York City last fall), 2012 celebrity moneyman Sheldon Adelson, and a variety of neocon A-listers, including Elliot Abrams, the Kristol clan (Bill’s wife and daughter), and Michael Goldfarb.

He’s been praised as “a conservative leader and rock-star candidate” by Karl Rove’s American Crossroads.

And much of his campaign money comes from the commercial banking and securities and investment industries—as one might expect from a guy who sits on the House Financial Services Committee.

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