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After the Nazi’s took action across Europe in 1938, Haas' move to New York City gave him a new landscape to seek inspiration from.

The inspiration for the series came during time Durst spent volunteering in an immigrant detention center in his hometown of Austin, Texas.Given the proliferation of photo-capturing technology and the unassailable circulation of digital imagery, ‘Give Me Yesterday’ explores the use of the photograph as a way of documenting daily life and personal ritual for a generation of young practitioners.It observes the power of the gaze, playing with the distinction of capturing truthful portraits of those unaware of the camera and those who subconsciously alter themselves when conspicuously made a ‘subject’.Pictured: Seeing is believing 20 December 'The timeliness of this exhibition could not be greater,' says Timothy Potts, director of the J Paul Getty museum, where a collection of media-curious works are on show until 30 April 2017.'Breaking news: turning the lens on mass media' highlights the extent to which the media has infiltrated people's lives and shaped their perceptions of current events.

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