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This is the ultimate place to start a Sunday day date with a mimosa brunch or take in a sunset on a clear/clear-enough evening.Greens is another vegetarian-friendly restaurant that carnivores can appreciate.For an authentic French meal without the typical French meal price tag, this charming rotisserie in Nob Hill totally delivers, right down to the heavily accented and friendly owner who delights in relating the storied history behind his cheese selections.

Small Northern California-inspired plates come around on carts like dim sum and you choose as you go with help from the knowledgeable and friendly staff.And how convenient, since it's located in The Phoenix Hotel (where the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, and Pearl Jam have all been known to crash).Starbelly is home to the Holy Date Trinity: outdoor seating (Father), flattering lighting (Son), and not being cold (Holy Ghost), a trio that isn't easy to find in the Land of Perpetually Needing a Jacket and Scarf.And definitely visit the separate, hidden bar in the basement if you want to get extra cozy. For a super-fun sushi date that won’t break the bank, head to this lively basement spot on the border of Nob Hill and Tenderloin.Not only do the sake and Sapporo flow like water, but weekend nights feature a live DJ that turns up the party factor considerably.

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