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Trade and a more mixed economy has evidence at some sites -- Ariano, Liparis, Luni, Narce, and Taranto -- and the culture had some influence from the Balkans.Some inhumation cemeteries are known, but burials are rare.The handles, often single, were elaborate and included crested, horned, and tongue types.The people seemed to depend on pastoral economy and stock breeding in the mountains which give the culture its name.Pottery spindle whorls, crude figurines, labrets, clubheads, triangular projectile points, and beads of stone have been found. The Agrelo represents the agriculture-pottery threshold in this semi-arid area.

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The Andronovo complex is related to the Timber-Grave (Russian Srubna) group in southern Russia and both are branches of the Indo-Iranian cultural block.

There are some crude ceramics in the later stages and represent intrusive cultures and the passing of Alaka..

The culture was relatively uniform in this large area and agriculture played a large role.

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