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It was incredibly intimidating when the older guys would ask me about my "prowess" with women, and how many times I had "bedded" a girl…especially when the answers were: I have no prowess, and I have "bedded" ZERO girls.

Young men do feel pressure from other/older guys to lose their virginity.

Even worse, they might give your email address to someone else who’ll start sending you email.

(For the record, I do not.) And some or all of that might look like spam, including porn spam.

Some of those might be drug spammers, some who send phishing attempts, and others who want to help you increase the size of certain body parts. Once spammers realize an email address is valid and reaches a real person, they prioritize sending spam in your direction.

So, no: if you, your spouse, child, partner, friend, employee, or whomever starts getting porn spam, it doesn’t mean anything at all.

Some guys think: "If I'm nice, she might have sex with me," instead of "If I'm nice, she might like me."Men and women idolize talented people like musicians and sports heroes, or even geeks like Bill Gates.

Part of the fantasy of being wildly successful and talented includes tons of women that fawn upon us.

Eventually, that’s likely to include scams, phishing attempts, ads for body-enhancement drugs, weight loss products, and, yes, porn. That list may have been sold to another spammer, and sold to another, and another and another, until your email address might be on several spammers’ lists. It’s more related to how visible your email address has been, and whether or not you’ve responded (accidentally or otherwise) to spam in the past by clicking on a link or replying.Promiscuous behavior among famous males is glorified in the press while the press chastises Miley Cyrus, for example, for wearing a skirt that's too short.At some point, the fun and games dissolved, and my manhood was measured on whether I had lost my virginity or not.Keep in mind I'm not defending being obsessed with sex.I'm just attempting to shed light on why a guy might be obsessed with sex to give you some peace of mind: Sex physically resembles "VIP Access" because we have to be invited.

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