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I don’t believe he’s undergone a mental transformation – how many sexist old men do?

Boil that down, stick it under the microscope, and it’s utter cack, as anodyne and self-evident as that other over-used 21st-century truism – “make poverty history”.Ivanka’s website offers a lifestyle for sale, combined with blogs from successful women, financial tips and homespun fluff like “apple-picking picnic recipes”.I don’t imagine Ivanka doing much fruit picking in that outfit she wore on stage when dad appeared to celebrate his victory.I’ve got over the result, I’m not one of the mopers on Twitter who think the world will come to an end. I’m not one of the people who thought that Hillary represented a great role model for women either – who could, after all she tolerated from that cheating husband?And her daughter, like Ivanka, is another product of a powerful dynasty, using her blood line to secure influence.

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