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Recent revelations by whistle blowers like Edward Snowden have brought to light technology which allows your phone to appear as if it is turning off when in fact it stays on and the microphone can be used to monitor any sounds within hearing distance of your cell phone.

While you may not be worried about what the NSAs intentions are for this ability we must acknowledge that like anything else that exists these days it is only a matter of time before this software ends up in the wrong hands giving criminals even more access to your personal information.

Most of us have heard strange noises coming from speakers when a cell phone is present at one time or another.

This is less common now than it was ten years ago however.

This is not normal for phones as the transition to digital networks years ago should have eliminated all of the above.

If you are hearing them now there is a good possibility that you’ve had your cell phone tapped.

Personal details like your bank account information along with the passwords for your email and social media accounts can be obtained as well. The first step to protecting yourself from the prying eyes or ears of an unauthorized listener is to understand not only how to detect their methods but also how it is possible for them to spy on you.

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If you want to find out if you’ve had your cell phone tapped try using your battery in another phone of the same model and compare the results.If your cell phone has been tapped and is transmitting data to someone it will have to complete the process before it shuts down.If your phone takes longer than usual to turn off especially right after you complete a call, text, email or web interaction then it may be sending your information to some third party.Before you invest in bug detection equipment there are a few things that you can do in order to determine the probability that you’ve had your cell phone tapped.Here are some simple tests that you can perform in order to detect the most common types of cell phone bugging.

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