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The backpack of lies was all part of her university graduation project, to show how social media does not always reflect reality.She said: "My goal was to prove how common and easy it is to distort reality."I did this to show people that we filter and manipulate what we show on social media." Amazingly, pictures of the Dutch student snorkelling in turquoise water with tropical fish around her were taken at a local swimming pool and then digitally altered at home."There is a constant battle going on between the two considerations: the photographed object being as beautiful as possible and it telling the truth," she added."What a picture really shows is not the exact situation as it really was, but what it represents."This ambiguous relationship with reality makes photography so fascinating to me.Thailand and the Philippines are well known for sex trafficking, but trafficking is becoming prevalent in Eastern Europe also. In countries like Burma, many young girls from the hill tribes hear stories about the "glamorous and exciting" life in Bangkok, Thailand.

Some girls also knowingly enter the sex industry in hopes of making a substantial amount of money to send back to their families.Ms Van Den Born even photoshopped herself onto tuk tuks, beautiful beaches and luxury resorts in the 42 days she spent hidden in her Amsterdam apartment with her boyfriend - the only person in the know.The freelance graphic designer also took photos of tropical aquariums at Amsterdam's Artis Zoo, went to a butterfly garden, bought exotic Asian souvenirs at a market and cooked up Thai meals in her own kitchen.You can easily find a good girl in Thailand, but the folk that make the kingdom their sexual playground won’t stop bemoaning its dating scene, yet spend their time chasing love in all the wrong places (Read: Soi Nana).Get out of the bars and do what you’d do back home.

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