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I'm sure my parents thought it would be dead by morning but they agreed.But when we got up in the morning, I ran out the back door to check on my fish and found it swimming round in circles in that tiny pot. At this time the unknown zygomycete was subcultured on complete media and allowed to grow for several days, after which time it produced the beautiful concentric growth form you see in Figure 1 – this is a key identifying feature of some zygomycetes, including Mortierella spp. This disease is characterized by a white mass of fungal growth on susceptible tissue.are difficult to key out morphologically, so we decided to identify these through DNA sequencing. Much of this white mass consists of conidia, which are spread by wind to other new leaves and shoots, causing infection and consequently malformation of leaves, reduced vigor and reduced viability of buds.So in a long procession, with me clutching the pot, we went back to the lake and dumped the trout back in. is commonly known as the hygroscopic earthstar or the false earthstar. Morphology Cap: Up to 10 cm across and 6 cm deep; semicircular, irregularly bracket-shaped, or kidney-shaped; often fusing laterally with other caps; very densely hairy; often finely, radially furrowed; with concentric zones of texture; zones with gray, whitish, and brownish shades, but usually not contrasting markedly; margin often brownish to brown or blackish. Spore print: Dak purple brown to blackish Microscopic features: Spores 10-14 x 6-9 um; smooth and broadly ellipsoid. Chemical reactions: KOH olive green on cap of red form and yellow on cap of white form. Another characteristic of this fungus is its foul odor, which attracts insects and makes them the most important way of spores dispersal.They can be easily confused with Zygomycetes are an interesting group of fungi that have recently undergone a large reclassification (Spatafora et al. They do not produce large fruiting bodies, so they are often overlooked by your average mushroom hunter.However, zygomycetes like the are often well represented in soil assays of fungal diversity.

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We noticed a number of nematodes swimming about, and some fungi are known to be nematophagous (nematode consumers) so we waited a few more days to see if we saw any signs of nematode trapping structures though none were seen.

We did, however, see what appeared to be many globose, terminal spores (not pictured).

Since I don't have much to say about trout, I thought I'd tell you my only fishing story.

When I was about six years old, my family spent a week at Lake Arrowhead, where my aunt and uncle had a cabin.

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