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Opponents of the project consider it an outrage to ruin the Moselle river valley landscape at one of its most beautiful spots.They also believe the highway will jeopardize the water supply for vineyards on the slopes, which produce unique Rieslings with famous names, such as Wehlener Sonnenuhr and Graacher Himmelreich. the Wine Lovers Back in the Prüms' dining room, Klöckner is sitting and enjoying one of these high-end wines, a 2003 Bernkasteler Badstube Spätlese. She seems well-informed about the issue and jots down some notes during the conversation.But Klöckner first needed to tackle a thorny issue here by the Moselle, where half a dozen top winemakers and a couple members of a citizens' initiative had gathered.The mood in the dining room is tense, and the oval table is strewn with documents.Standing at the entrance to an old villa built of solid, dark stone, Julia Klöckner is in a rush and can't seem to find the doorbell right away.This stately house is located in the small village of Wehlen; the Moselle River (known in German as the Mosel) flows right outside its front door.The Prüm family has lived in this house for 100 years, and it has grown wine here in the central part of the Mosel wine region for much longer.

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She promises to look into some specific issues, but her basic message remains the same: It's too late to stop the bridge's construction.But, these days, what's more important to Klöckner is her possible future position as governor of Rhineland-Palatinate.The race against incumbent Kurt Beck, the former leader of the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), is a close one -- and every vote counts."Everyone knows the Moselle crossing is absolutely necessary," Beck says, and Klöckner seems to agree with him.The Moselle bridge issue is unfolding somewhat like the highly controversial Stuttgart 21 project, a massive urban development project in the southwestern city that involves moving its main railway station underground.

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