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The photographers placed themselves in one of those studios.

These photographs document the gendered fashion dream in a Lebanese mountain town. Randa Mirza's diminutive, digital black-and-white photographs depict young men and boys jumping off the rocks in Raouche, on the coast of Ras Beirut.

It is a collective dream; a national beauty drive to become the ideal girl or the ideal boy.

The gender photocopying begins with children's fashion encouraged by parents and eventually leads to pressure in adulthood to dress in high fashion and undergo plastic surgery (in every case, elimination of the semitic nose, puffing of the cheekbones and lips.

IR would tie the girls to tables, throw cold water on them and hit them with whips or plastic piping - often in front of other women to serve as a warning.

One girl was so badly beaten that she was bedridden for a month, Soha says."The only time a girl was allowed to leave was when IR would bring her to his house for the night to 'test' her as if she was merchandise," she says."During those eight years, I felt filthy, like trash... It belonged to my torturers, my clients."Since the war in neighbouring Syria broke out in 2011, increasing numbers of women fleeing the conflict have been trafficked in Lebanon.

Some addresses or other data might no longer be current.

People in Lebanon were shocked by the women's horrifying ordeal, as well as by accusations that the "moral police" were complicit and that a gynaecologist had carried out at least 200 abortions on the trapped women.The work of Judith Butler demonstrates that gender is a ritualized performance, a photocopy without original, which allows us to question the traditional equivalence between sex and gender, and gender as a natural social consequence of sex.In Lebanon, however, gender is a necessary consequence of biological sex.Originally from southern Syria, Soha was tricked into coming to Lebanon in 2008.She was told she would be working as a waitress, but was terrified to find she had been "sold" to the head of a powerful sex trafficking ring."When I refused to be a sex worker, he beat me," she says.

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