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In some cases, children in the homes are the culprits downloading the contraband images.

Because there is no age limit for such offenders in Louisiana, police have the option to make an arrest and book the youth into a detention facility or give a warning and release the minor back to the parents, said David Ferris, an investigator in the Louisiana attorney general's High Technology Crime Unit.

Victims that are in homes right now, who are being abused by family members, who are being abused by siblings, by people they don't even know," Gremillion said.

The first national child pornography legislation in 1978 banned the commercial sale of the material.A click on one of the News Orleans dots fans open to 329 more dots: a snapshot of the users in town engaged in trafficking of sexually explicit images of children. In all, on a recent weekday, 3,588 computers in Louisiana were trafficking in child pornography."Truly, truly there are so many, that if we put every single resource we had today, we could not eliminate these red dots," cyber crimes Detective Chad Gremillion said.Watch free Chatzy Porn porno film and shockingly hardcore sex videos right now!New XXX tube videos and adult porn clips added daily!

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