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• Effective strategies to challenge those legacy management beliefs. ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ All keynotes, presentations and workshops are customized for YOUR specific needs for the topic and length of program.

• The preferred management styles of each generation. Please contact Alicia today for more information and pricing.

In this blended program you will receive content from the two previous programs described above.

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• Tap into the vast social networks/resources of Millennials to increase efficiency and lower costs.≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ All consulting fees are determined on an individualized basis.Please contact Alicia today for more information and pricing.• How those traits bring conflict and what can be done about it • What are the top trends that will impact the 21st Century workplace and how to prepare for it.• How to attract, motivate and retain a multi-generational workforce. 5 Secrets to Capitalizing on the Talents of Gen Y’s She will reveal to your audience how to: • Use effective management styles that engage Millennials and maximize their productivity.

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