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The third photo shows how you can move into any number of different angles and so produce endless variations which may give you more or less of a thrill, depending on the angle at which the erect penis enters the vagina.For instance, if a woman is lying on her back and the man is turned sideways to her, and she then bends the leg nearest to him and hooks it over his thigh to enable him to enter her, this is a cuissade position.But there are some very tangible advantages too: a man who usually experiences premature ejaculation may discover how to last longer in bed in this position, partly because his movement is restricted, and partly because his penis does not receive the same pressure from the wall of his partner's vagina.With gentle thrusting, and regular rests, combined with some clitoral play, it's quite possible for even the most premature ejaculator to achieve a long session of intercourse with the woman and man orgasming simultaneously.Find out how by clicking on the link below - but beware...program will make you irresistible in bed!Not being able to take your partner to orgasm can be upsetting for both of you.This website explains the techniques and positions which will let you make her come every time you have sex - guaranteed!

There's an intimacy you may not feel in other sex positions - with lots of skin contact, eye-gazing, seeing her react as she feels you push into her, and the always-amazing warmth and wetness as you thrust deeply!After a while we roll on our sides - either way - and then things begin to hot up!It's more even, in the sense that I can caress him and he can caress me, and I can reach to find his balls and the base of his cock more easily.Whatever else you do this year, don't miss the chance to take your sex life to this incredible new level!Jason explains very clearly and simply, with the help of a model, how to locate, massage and stimulate the G Spot so that a woman achieves a massive climax and ejaculates female sexual fluid.

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