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Nowadays I only use when I’m insanely bored or hungover and haven’t been on a date in about three months.“I think at first, when I was naive to the ways of Tinder, I probably did use it in the hopes of actually finding someone or at least someone half alright to go on a few dates with.

IRELAND’S ATTITUDE TO dating and, in particular, online dating has changed.“Definitely” This just brings it down to the basics: ‘Do I fancy you? Lynn (26) also started using Tinder after a break-up “as a way to make myself feel better”.“It felt easier than interacting with real-life people.It was a way to date without having any pressure or hassle.” “There’s also no mutual friend or connection so there are no responsibilities or consequences if someone acts like a complete asshole.It is based on a few filtered pictures and short dates so you can’t ever be really sure what you are getting yourself in for.

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