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I recently heard from Susan S (who doesn’t want to use her full name).She started getting a large number of spam emails this fall, often sexual in nature.“I consistently get 20 to 30 spam emails every day from different addresses. Does Bell have other customers who find the spam filters useless?I am not missing the orgasm, but the touching and closeness that used to follow. My main concern of course is to resume closeness not so much sex, although that would be nice.He doesn't want to discuss any solution, and frankly I'm not sure he or I know of one. I have simply tried patience, but I am starting to doubt his love. He states he is just not interested in sex with anyone. I just want him to feel he can be close to me again.

“While no filter will completely block all incidents of spam, our email service includes very effective tools to reduce spam when used correctly.

Therefore, to analyze is better to send only the message header.

To let you better understand here is an example of the typical header: Delivered-To: [email protected]: by .42 with SMTP id k10csp185211pbl; Fri, -0800 (PST) Received: by with SMTP id v4mr2125695yhl.78.1330078599734; Fri, -0800 (PST) Return-Path: Received: from sql02.(smtp.

Bell has a series of 20 questions and answers at its website, explaining the mechanics of migrating to a new email system.

The forced migration, said Bell spokesman Jason Laszlo, was a result of Microsoft’s decision to wind down its Outlook email platform used by a number of Internet service providers worldwide.

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