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If you could take only one thing from my posts, I would say be yourself.We live in a never-ending change of pace where societal pressures inhibit our daily lives and acts.

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He'd been on somewhat of a quest up until that point, without a lot of success. Again, I shrugged it off, thinking I was being paranoid. In the lift, with its harsh overhead lighting - she was not pretty, sagging skin and yellow liver failure eyes. I was hanging out with a hot Romanian guy once and in his sexy accent he told me he could kill me and no one would ever know, though that was really more scary than anything else."I'm Melanie." I don't usually check out other girls, but Melanie was gorgeous. Melanie put her lips on my pussy, stuck her tongue out, and licked up and down the length of my slit. She reached up with one hand to massage my breasts, and slipped the other hand under my ass. There was that gorgeous trimmed pussy just waiting for me.After some more kissing, she put her tongue directly on my clit. I turned my body around so that I could lick her, while she could have access to fingering me.Read my posts with no limitations: Define sexuality in whatever terms feel right.I have always thought of the discourse revolving around sex and sexuality to be found only in a cheesy Seventeen magazine or on websites that scream “XXX 18 ” at the top.

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