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Marriage is great for business because the men realize that they're missing something and escorts are lot better that an affair because they're not going to try to take him away from his kids, they're not going to try to make him marry them... As an escort Sarah sees both men and couples who come to Las Vegas looking for a good time.Sarah is privileged in the world of prostitution because as an independent escort she calls the shots and commands big money from her clients.


Hannah and Belle have the same common goal; to make as much money as possible while they still can.Early in 2008, US network Showtime was attracted by the show's success and bought the license to show two seasons in the US (20 episodes).The broadcast is scheduled to start on June 16th 2008.Only weeks after the first series ended, ITV announced a second series, and production started in early 2008.The third series aired in early 2010 almost simultaneously on ITV2 and the US station SHO.

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