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Councilors Blanchette, Durgin and Hawes have echoed those same concerns, pointing at the ineffectiveness outlined in the studies.

Even some councilors who voted in favor of the ordinance Monday conceded it might not have tangible effects, but argued that it sent a message and took a step toward solving growing problems in the city.

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David Green of Dunning Boulevard, who helped revive the proposed ordinance, said it would “make Bangor a less attractive destination for sex offenders,” pointing out that 21 of Bangor’s 141 registered offender registrants are from out of state and more than 60 percent of them are from outside Penobscot County.

Gallant pointed out that one of the studies states that “only” 7 percent of child sexual assaults are perpetrated by strangers.

He said the use of “only” was troubling, as was the 7 percent figure.

The residency restriction applies to individuals convicted of Class A, B or C sex offenses committed against a child under age 14.

Offenders in that category who live within a 750-foot boundary won’t be required to move.

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