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In spite of my camera -- or perhaps because of it -- the pimp was chattier than expected. I heard it quickly slam behind him as the elevator began to sink back to the lobby.

I did my best to keep my eyes trained on the elevator's floor indicator when I realized the man was waving at me. And now, the hotel -- which had been one of New York City's most famous and long-standing by-the-hour operations -- is closed for good.

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Service Check-in involves handing your cash through a slot in the bullet-proof window -- and no questions are asked.

The sheets appeared fresh, though we did not bring a black light to inspect further.

Earlier this year, the Kew Motor Inn was shut down in a massive prostitution sting operation carried out by police.

The first thing we noticed upon entering was the plastic flowers.

The dust-covered plastic bouquets were literally everywhere: In the elevator bays, in the hallways, in the rooms, in the lobby and in the motel bar.

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