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It can feel awkward to be face to face but not flesh to flesh with your partner. Because the only thing worse than damaging your computer during Skype sex is damaging your computer by pouring lube on it during Skype sex. It's all well and good to want to keep some of those memories, but be decent and make sure you clear it with your honey ahead of time. But you can figure out how to have Skype sex, and all you need to do is keep in mind that there are some things you NEED to do and other things you NEED to avoid at all costs. Also store them some place safe should you ever want to run for president. First of all, it’s important to realize that skype sex can be many things.It can be “phone sex” with a visual twist, one person masturbating and the other watching, mutual masturbation, one way interaction with a bluetooth sex toy or even two way interactive sex with teledildonic toys.It’s the most powerful bluetooth bullet vibrator and has loads of software features that you and your long distance partner can experiment with.Giving control to a long distance partner will help them feel more connected to you and able to give you the pleasure you’re craving.If done right, this can be a nice steamy skype sex session and will leave at least one of you (hopefully both) very satisfied. - Try this if you’re both comfortable with being on camera. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll be and find what works for you.

BDSM, sex toys, healthy food, and computer games - roll that together with someone who cherishes happy living, sex-positive attitudes, and genuine kindness – me in a nutshell.

Embrace that the way you embrace the act of sex itself.

It's always important to be able to ask for what you want in the bedroom This kind of communication goes double when you guys are having Skype sex and thus, not even able to actually touch each other. The more detail you give about what you're doing and what you're imagining the better. I'm not saying you need to take up a second career as a movie lighting dude or whatever, but make sure your face and body are visible and that there's are too.

When I’m not blogging about the world of sex with the Lovense Team, I scribble poems, short stories, and novels.

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