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Figuring out the root of his behaviour, Liv urges him not to wreck his chances of appeal but will she get through to him?

After Ross attempts to set him up with a new man, Finn announces that he is going to Australia alone.

Rebecca handcuffs Lawrence and Chrissie together to stop Chrissie leaving Home Farm for good but will Ronnie be prompted to confess what he did? Pierce and Rhona joke around with underwear and after an uncomfortable Rhona does a recorded strip tease, Pierce leaves the tablet recording when they go on to have sex.

Later, as Pierce watches the footage back, a text from Vanessa pops up and leaves him angry.

Pierce then goes round to confront Vanessa and angrily reveals his true colours as she vows to open Rhona’s eyes to him.

It’s make or break for Lawrence and Ronnie while Jai opens up to Moira when they visit Holly’s grave.

Meanwhile, chaplain Father Aidan reaches out to Aaron as his concerns grow when Aaron finds himself on the brink of a panic attack after a revelation from Jason.David pranks Tracy but will it lead to heartbreak as she gets ahead of herself over her writing dreams?The Facebook post: "[i Phone VIDEO] Rihanna & Chris Brown tape leaked Today," is a scam created to trick Facebook users into completing surveys, "liking" or sharing a fake Facebook website. Clicking on this Facebook post (DO NOT) will only take you to the fake Facebook website fbnicki. And, clicking the image, which appears as a video, on the fake website will ask you to share.David braces himself to collect his test results but what will they show?Rhona is unhappy with Pierce’s sex video but when he gets passive aggressive, she says it’s fine for him not to delete it.

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