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A public domain book is one thai was never subject to copy right or whose legal copyright term has expired. unpii Tii (jjovii enip ACUOC, aaaa iirii Ajuu eeo A zi Toorq unnoii Hpoc. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. You can search through I lie lull lexl of 1 1 us book on I lie web al |_-.:. y HE LORD'S PRAYER in Five Hundred Languages, *■ originally issued by Messrs. NEW AND ENLARGED EDITION Xonoon GILBERT & RIVINGTON Limited ST. When, in the earlier years of the present century, attempts were made at surveying and classifying the then known tongues of the globe, the Lord's Prayer was — for its terse simplicity, its typical Christian spirit, and the generally known tenor of its wording — selected as the most appropriate text to serve as a representative of each language and dialect. Bergholtz's collection of versions of the Lord's Prayer (Chicago, 1884), and "The Lord's Prayer in the Languages of Africa" (1890). k pytq-miapmippiiip L Lliff, in- ifimitp/t, jai M-pmhulhu. Gatnn ynti yikora gearnn yarakai nmullikan kolag ; miromulla gearnn yarakai tabirug. {Caucasus.) Evin nedsher sovaldaisch bngewh, hallal bugabi dfir aar. ** t, OU***t £,n uro i ^fit tfawroi ^tra in ^tw ^l i wc tftvf ^u )^r^ inn ^t^ ftreft ^ ^ittot ^ninl-t mni ntil i w* wm »^nt nift^s ^t tfji$^^tn^ i wfn tin ffa w^ wrt *? PHd' kralovsfcvi tve" ; bud' v&le tva, jako v nebi tak i na zemi. H HE SOBE«, H II kl BZ NAHACTh, HO R3EABH Hbl W A8KABUA. * kiuen power « the, the, * keih and » yung glory * the, * kidi all m belong-to ■ •rh thee 18 s )*« T tt * f tht *age tt indeed. Gilbert and Rivington, Ltd., is now published by us at our Office, at 23, Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, as we have taken over the business of Messrs. But while Adelung — following in the wake of Conrad Gesner (1555) and our own Chamber- layne (1715) — brought together in his well-known " Mithridates" (Berlin, 1808-17) a vast number of speci- mens of the Lord's Prayer, solely with a glottologicaj object in view, A. The publishers of the i~^^7~z^^: present most comprehensive work, which has been chiefly taken from translations of the Scriptures in the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society, desire to put it forth as a specimen of the numerous languages into which the Scriptures have been translated, and as a fitting testimony of the capabilities of their own Oriental Printing Establishment : and they trust that the following brief notes concerning the characters in which the various versions are here reproduced may not prove devoid of interest to the reader. Wataohagai kodolch'ti dfir ; bugabi chatir dfir kin sovalda bagadin ratl'alda. Teh nedsher ualti kin nedahedsha tolah bngewh nedsher nalti bukarasa. Chl^b nai vezdej&i dej nam dnes, A odpust' nam viny nn Se, jakoz i my odponitfme vinnikftm na Sim. TJtilekele deni zetu, enga tiwalekeavyo watigilwao ni swiswi. Hakika yako wewe ni ufumwa na nguvu, na hesliima hata kale. 3a1UOT0 TBOE £ Ll Ap CTBO TO, H CHAA TA, H CAAKA TA BO B"KKtl. ^ Otic uaiu-t, kohto ch m aefieca, a* cs couth hhc-to TBOe. H dpi CTH HH A"ijr OBe-T* H»I1IH, KAJCfc-TO H HUH npomi BIMM H» HHIIH-T* A-Vfc*- HHS. H H« H-k UCA" HSC* B* HCKJ-lll CHic, HO Hs6s BH Hl C* OTT. Kraljestvotu da dodi, oletet da badi, kacet Da nebetfi, taj i na zemete. I uprustimu naste grejve, kacet i nija uprastem na naste dla Snici. Zasto tojtu ij kraljestvotu i volicanstvotu i slavata du doveka.

In writing Swaheli, the lingua franca of the East Coast of Africa, Latin letters are now exclusively used in supersession of the unsuited Arabic script. The missionary, the manufacturer, the merchant, the traveller, in short, the pioneer of commerce and civilization, can approach foreign nations only through their own vernaculars, and, in the case of these being written in characters of their own, by using those characters. Efie inos na Sttere nde ngaseye, por speto-na prei se kelcit : sepse yoteya fete mbei Henia, e Se fuk'ia, e Se l'afti nde yetet te yetevet. Apre /vn-pe- repla ytore' ov •hitfyre ovphept tr, at /eovvrpe ttivere pre Kie X tiarov e Be fiire Be. The great Religious Societies and kindred institutions, as well as the foremost merchants and exporters, have thus for many years past availed themselves with signal success of the extensive typographical resources of this firm. Eirva vd&er -frovicev i aor/xe ie va Bov^ere irep (pittr rive. Si Kasaleannn ja mamuali kele andarem in sorga, kele itu kai nnbawo in tana ! While in Russia, France, and Austria, the great Oriental Printing Establishments are largely subsidized by the respective Governments, Messrs. PUBLISHERS' NOTE TO NEW EDITION The enlargement of the present edition to nearly twite the site of its predecessor has not been achieved without the expenditure of muck time, trouble, and research. E Si vre Xiva fyarfere rova, ffl tcoinrrpe irg Xeye/te £ Be va ara it tpg Xe- yeve vri vefter. Si roti ami mn ml on do r ja mec ait jam 1 si endo ijasa ! Ra anumu ja si Kakolanoan, wo si Kawasa, wo si Kaloofran, akar in kauref ! Gilbert and Rl Vl NGTON have, unaided, brought together a profusion of type of the most varied description and adapted to the printing of almost any Eastern tongue : and they deserve the recognition of the public at large for the material aid they have for a quarter of a century been rendering in furthering the intercourse between this country and the East. The additions comprise many versions specially translated for the purpose, such as Accadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, and the different stages of Egyptian, amongst archaic languages ; and Hausa, Swahili, and others, amongst modern languages. E Si ftfc va Keaor^ vef3er, vri move tripafffw, iro o Verow vaffer ytta I \(Fov. Wo ampungen aitjami ae kasenan-amt, kele kai kami ma wee ampung ase ma-sea aitjami!

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