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Many so-called experts would advise differently, but those same “experts” are not saving marriages.They put saving your “dignity” over saving your marriage.Once signed up, you can follow, friend request, send a message or even purchase a gift for your potential lover with no extra cost.One potential area for improvement would be to introduce a mobile application for Sexy Naija.A husband using dating sites can hide, or expose it.Chances are he is still hoping his marriage, your marriage, will miraculously become a marriage he loves to be in. So, you can choose to go with the idiot “experts” who get you to confront and destroy, or you can decide you want your marriage to survive and improve. Confront and destroy or survive and improve are the only two real options. That’s because I have seen many marriages succeed, including with wives that other marriage experts refused to work with. You can have the marriage you have and the marriage your husband delights in.

Second in our list of free dating sites in Nigeria is Friendite which does well in a few different areas.

The site does seem to be primarily aimed at Nigerians in the US and the UK but there is also a decent number of Lagosians and, to a lesser extent, girls and guys from Abuja and Port Harcourt.

The option to upload a video is a pretty neat feature and we also love the fact that Meet Nigerians will feature your profile on your birthday.

Sexy Naija is in our humble opinion the best free dating site in Nigeria and is the most established site having started off way back in 2005.

What we love about this dating site is that it’s and when we say free, we mean free.

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