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Crooner If one of you is particularly good at singing, you could try doing a little private performance featuring a seductive song.For example, nobody could resist the charms of Portishead's "Glory Box" no matter how hard they try.14.Voyeur Watch your partner masturbate for an extended period of time to increase tension and enjoy the view.20.Exhibitionists Speaking of enjoying the view, if you two are into the idea of being watched, imagine you have a little audience made up of people you both find hot.21. Dance Teacher And Student Take a few private lessons to prep for this one, then enact a scenario in which you are a student and your partner is the instructor (or vice versa) and seduce one another through the art of movement.27. Well, Not-So-Innocent One of you can pretend to be a bit naive, while the other takes control and "teaches" the first all about sex.28.Hollywood Starlet You play the sexy star and your partner can be your secret admirer.Do your hair, do your makeup, put yourself in a fancy gown and let your inner diva nature go wild.17.Chef And Server Don’t make just any dishes — only make foods you can feed to your partner by hand.18.Masseuse Snag some sexy massage oil, light a few candles and give one another massages until you're both feeling smooth, silky and ready to be touched further.19.

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From new positions to new places, sex never has to get boring. (OK, OK, I can hear the eye rolls — but this one is surprisingly fun and simple for beginners! Professor/Student For anybody who had a little teacher fetish in their early twenties, this role playing situation is more fun than cliche.3.

Kelly_Monaco and I have been working on this guide for some time.

This is going to be a bigger more expanded guide later on, but this is what we have so far. A lot of theory in the beginning but it's VERY important to understand.

In other words, this is fantasy, and nothing you two do together leaves the fantasy world. Things you can do in the bedroom might not be socially or legally acceptable in real life.

Its also unspoken rule to keep it a secret between parties involved (sometimes there are more than two ) Second reality is normal life. Like playful slapping is fun during kinky sex, but completely unacceptable in real life.

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