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They want to feel welcomed, not like they are intruding on your territory.

Women who have upset or emotionless faces are not nearly as welcoming as women who smile.

Proximity - Many of the most successful or popular models across various sites often stay very close to the camera, filling up 75% or more of the frame.

I guess I couldn't get this show going, I'm logging off now! Even if you've done this show every day for a year, and you know it isn't your fault that you aren't being tipped, you probably only going to make things worse by making the members feel bad.

They believe that if you are not asking for money, you do not want money.

Especially on certain websites, members are very aware that they might give you money and get nothing in return.

As long as you have a game plan and your current activity is earning you money in one way or another (or even if you are just hanging out and not planning on earning) you are not going to be able to attract *every* member. Many members believe that some (or a majority of) camgirls get on cam only for fun and attention.

These men do not feel obligated to tip "just because" you are entertaining them.

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