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Alternatively, the chat is reset if it is emptied and those kicked can rejoin then. The interface also contains a button for players to enter or leave a channel.

The owner can limit the accessibility of the Friends Chat by adjusting the "Who can enter chat? Note that Jagex moderators have powers equivalent to a channel owner if they join a channel.

Any player can create their own channel, using the "Friends Chat settings" button in the Friends Chat interface: The player will then be presented with an interface that allows them to set ranks for people on their Friends List and control who can enter, talk, and kick other players from the channel.


It has brought about controversy in larger channels, since it can easily spam large chats where kicks occur quite regularly.

Censorship still applies to the channel name, and Jagex has made it so the word "mod" cannot be included in the name either (e.g. The words Staff, and Admin are included in this censor.

Players that have the rank required to kick others in the channel can only kick those with rank lower than theirs, for example, a general with kick power cannot kick other generals.

Selecting the Friends Chat option at the bottom of the screen eliminates the need of using a slash (/).

A leading slash will not be removed if the Friends Chat channel is accessed through the Lobby.

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