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The reluctance of parents to allow their wards to learn about sex is cited when politicians are asked why they don't want it on the curriculum. As far as I know, no government has ever commissioned a survey that asked parents for their opinion; instead, politicians have spouted anecdote and asserted it is data.It is quite possible that many parents do want their children to learn about the birds and bees.She's done excellent vanilla sex videos which demonstrate the basic mechanics of intercourse.Her oeuvre and her demeanour make it clear that you can have fun without taking risks, or feeling guilty.She has done more to educate young Indians about the grammar of sex than the human resources development ministry and the health ministry combined.In fact, both those ministries have failed at the task of sex education.

Our very own Indian sex goddess and every man's wildest fantasy, Sunny Leone seems to be the most talked about celebrity at present.The purveyors of wet dreams must deal with the weird situation of being recognised and hit on by strangers even when they have their clothes on.Learning how to deal with that sort of attention helps porn stars develop a poise that stands them in good stead in other situations.The interviewer, Bhupendra Chaubey, was obsessed with Leone's work in porn and determined to drag some expression of regret out of her, for being a successful pornographer.She turned him into a laughing stock just by keeping her cool.

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