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Dating more than one person or having an alternative relationship is an option when you have feelings for multiple people.

There are a few things to think about if this feels like what you want.

If you want to date more than one person at a time, you should make sure that everyone involved is happy with the decision, and that you yourself are okay with it.

Think about whether you are ready for the difficult emotions and situations that dating more than one person will bring.

You feel committed to your guy, but are not sure he feels the same.

Even if you have asked him if he is seeing other people and he denies it, you can employ other methods to learn if he's telling the truth.

Most importantly, jealousy is never an excuse for anyone to be mean, hurtful or abusive in a relationship.

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My ex would take his phone to the bathroom with him, change his password regularly and encourage we “respect each other’s privacy.” He was cheating, duh. If you’ve been seeing one another for awhile and you’re already sleeping together anyway, he shouldn’t be keeping you from his place.

Brush up on the important things in a relationship, and how to deal with jealousy. It’s not uncommon to have feelings towards more than one person.

The decisions we make about whether or not to act on those feelings affects everyone involved.

If your guy shares that he is unsure where your relationship stands or even if you care for him, these could be signs he is or is thinking about dating other girls. Some men are unable to hide their admiration or interest in another woman, because they are excited about the potential of that relationship. Notice if the friend shifts his eyes, becomes fidgety or has pauses in the conversation as he may not be telling the truth, says author Elisabeth Eaves in a article titled "10 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying to You." These cues could be signs he is uncomfortable, because he knows your significant other is seeing other girls. Ask him a simple question like "What did you do last night?

Notice if he especially talks about someone in a different social circle that you share, or about a new person at work. " and see if he gives short answers or detailed ones.

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