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” Thankfully my dear rebel friend, it just takes the desire to improve (you’re reading this article: check), the willingness to try (you’re a member of the Rebellion: double check), and four simple keys to keep in mind.

The main reason we human folk seek to connect with one another is that it scratches a social itch.

Believe it or not, some of us nerds struggle with social skills (okay, a lot of us do, myself included), but it is something that can be learned. It’s the way we navigate the exciting uncertainty of new friendships and relationships.

That means you haven't had to chase them three times, and you haven't had to bribe them by booking a michelin-starred restaurant and assured them that you're paying.3.

Your dating partner has alluded to spending an evening in with you, cooking or watching Netflix, either at yours or theirs.

Our social needs are just like hunger and thirst—we eat, drink, and talk to people because there’s a gap between our actual state (hungry/thirsty/lonely) and our ideal state (satiated/quenched/connected).

Your brain is saying, “Dude, mind helping me out a little?

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